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More Golf Sand Wedges

Oil Can Finish
Degree Loft: 46
Price: $129

This is the wedge #1 ranked Rory McIlroy plays currently. It’s got the new conforming SM4 spin mill technology and that nice matte oil can finish is great to look at when setting up…read more
Golfsmith Golf & Tennis

Loft: 54
Bounce: 9.0

These wedges from Mizuno feature a more rounded head shape which many players prefer in their wedges. It also has quad-cut grooves and specific loft geometry…read more

Golfsmith Golf & Tennis

Loft: 56
Bounce: 10 or 14
Finish: Matte Satin

This is a nice solid wedge at a fantastic price of only $59. It has one bounce angle of 10.0 which is going to be good for your average golfer to play…read more

Loft: 58
Bounce: 10.0
Finish: White Satin

If you prefer the chrome satin look and a slightly lower price, this Mizuno wedge will not disappoint. It has the legendary feel…read more

Forged Black Pearl Finish
Loft: 56
Price: $119
Bounce: 10.0, 14.0, 16.0

Another great gap loft selection. The Cleveland 588 definitely rivals the Vokey wedges in precision craftsmanship…read more

Golfsmith Golf & Tennis

Bounce: 8.0, 12.0, 14.0
Price: $139
Finish: Satin

Another intriguing choice in loft – the 54 degree wedge loft might allow some very nice flexibility in your bag. The 54 degree is also available in 8 degree loft and has a forged construction…read more

Golfsmith Golf & Tennis

Nike SV+ 52 Degree  7.5/10

Price: $49
Bounce: 10
Degree Lof: 52

Constructed of 8620 carbon steel, the Nike SV+ wedge features a CNC milled face to help give it consistency. The satin chrome finish helps to reduces glare. At $49 on sale it’s a great deal.


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Top 10 Golf Wedges

A club class of its own, the wedges have high lofts, the short shafts, and the heavy clubheads. Out of all the irons wedges take all of these to the extreme. The purpose of a wedge is to aid players in making accurate short-distance “lob” shots, to get the ball onto the green and out of hazards….[more]