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Barnes and Noble Nook Tablet 16GB Review

Tablets  7.5/10


Barnes and Noble Nook Tablet 16GB
Consumers looking for a quick and easy way to stay connected will find a lot of appealing features in the Nook Tablet. Accessing the web, email, playing movies and reading books is all very intuitive on Barnes and Noble devices. While Barnes and Nobles starts from a 2.5 million book titles to choose from, it’s the flexibility in the tablet that becomes appealing to the average user.

The selection of apps is also refined from what is found on the Android marketplace and in a very good way – they’ve
gotten rid of the basic junk apps out there so you don’t have to bother testing them out. The Read and Record feature unique to Barnes and Noble is also a hit for users wanting their children to hear their own voice reading them stories.

Typing on the Nook Tablet is very natural and equivalent to the experience we have on the Kindle Fire. The Nook Tablet comes with Netflix and HuluPlus preinstalled on the device, for immediate plug and go playing. One feature missing from most other tablets on the market today is the ability to use SD cards for storage that is a key
feature of the Nook Tablet. This is a big plus for users who like to organize their music and movies in different genres especially given the cheap pricing of SD cards these days.

The tablet is also priced at a reasonable $250.


Screen display quality


Appearance and Feel

More than 1000 Apps offered

Nook store Netflix and HuluPlus Playback


NO Android market access

No Camera


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