Barnes and Noble Nook Color 8GB

Tablets  7/10


Barnes and Noble Nook Color 8GB
Finally calling itself a tablet the Nook Color is a good entry point tablet for users who want access to books and also use their device for work purposes. The Nook Color (and Nook Tablet) both provide access to Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

Displaying a presentation on a Nook Color is very good for one on one meetings, although the screen will be a bit too small for larger formats. Typing out emails on the Nook Color or Tablet is also a pretty solid feature.

The vast library of material available through Barnes and Noble is a key feature. A bigger benefit is the ability to access library ebooks and other formats for reading material. The Read and Record feature is a must-have for traveling parents and grandparents who want their children to hear their voices read stories.

The pricing of $199 is much better than most other tablet out there and gives ample storage for most users. The battery life is pretty good at around 8 hours though the processing speed is not the best. But what can you expect for $199.


Access to suite B&N library

Wifi works well

Screen touch speed is decent



8GB storage capacity may be lacking for some

Not as robust in processing as some

No Android Market Access for Apps

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