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Apple Review

iPhone Cases  8.5/10


Apple iPhone CasesThose who own iPhones and other Apple products know that the Apple store is equipped with hundreds of accessories and apps to enhance its devices. Apple includes a wide collection of protective cases, from basic bumper cases of molded plastic to folio cases of genuine leather. Whether you want style, personalized touches, or protection for your iPhone, Apple has something in mind for you. We especially like the wallet clutch cases, which hold credit cards and cash along with the iPhone 4/4S. As with all things Apple, though, the products tend to run on the expensive side.


Offers a variety of cases, including wallets, bumper cases, socks, armbands, and slim cases

Includes fine materials like Italian leather and textured material that resembles lacquered wood

Its cases feature bright colors, flashy designs, and playful patterns

A variety of styles, from slim, stylish cases to professional-looking folio cases

Products available online or in the Apple store


Obviously, its cases are only for iPhones

Products tend to be pricey

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