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Apple iPad 2 16GB WiFi + 3G

Tablets  9/10


Apple iPad 2 16GB WiFi and 3G
The successor to the market-changing and defining iPad 1 is not too different from its first generation brother. 3G compatibility is great for users who need to readily access material back on their office network through 3G connectivity.

The 16G of storage on the tablet gives users enough flexibility for accessing material straight from the tablet and enough space to contain several movies for a long drive. The 10-inch screen displays well enough for meetings with several persons, although it requires more care in terms of portability versus smaller 7-inch tablets.

We rate Apple very high on the number and flexibility of its apps. Gaming and movies display very well on the screen, which is also a plus. Writing out full emails on the tablet though is not one of its best features because the touchscreen keyboard is too big for many users. The price is still $499.


Dual Core A5 CPU Fast

Depth .34”, super thin

Appearance and Feel

Good Clear Sound Quality

Battery Life up to 10.2 hours


512 MB Ram may not be adequate

Camera Quality

No Micro USB Input

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