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5 Best Android Tablet Apps

With a flooded market of apps for Android it’s hard to figure out which are the best ones. Literally thousands of apps are available, ranging from really good to really bad! Here are some of are favorite Android Tablet Apps as of Q3 2012.

Cut the Rope

Cut The Rope is an extremely addicting and fluid game. It has a back story to it but the real fun is simply using your finger to slice away at rope in different puzzles to help feed some little creature. It’s mindless fun and some of the levels get pretty hard!

SketchBook Mobile

A drawing app for Android? Yes! This actually works flawlessly on tablets and we had a blast drawing all sorts of stuff. Not only can you sketch, but SketchBook Mobile has a robust set of tools and even offers support for layers (Photoshop fans rejoice)

OfficeSuite Professional 6

What a god send this app is for students and business people. Open/View/Print documents from Google Cloud – convert to PDF, spell check, view powerpoints, open excel spreadsheets, and more. A truly powerful and robust application that is worth the price tag.

Farm Invasion

Another neat and addicting game that runs great on tablets. Kick back with some redneck fun and battle with aliens, farmers, UFOs and more all while earning dozens of achievements. It’s a relaxing and fun simple game thats nice to look at and runs great.

Pool Break Pro

Another game yes – but it’s pool! Who doesn’t love pool! And on a tablet the touch controls work flawlessly! The best pool game hands down for Android and tablets. Online multiplayer supported, or just play the AI with a variety of game modes from classic 8 ball pool, to 9 ball, straight pool, place-n-shoot, and more!

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