OverBoard Waterproof iPad Case

Waterproof iPad Case  9/10


OverBoard Waterproof iPad Case
Priced at $42.74, the OverBoard Waterproof iPad Case is a good option for protecting your iPad. It’s a black poly-urethane case that encloses and seals the iPad, protecting it from water splashes, raindrops, and wet hands. The touchscreen functions still work through the case, including sound. Just be aware that you cannot use earphones with the case, and the pictures can come out fuzzy through the camera hole. We found the seal to be secure, but some users say that it loses its effectiveness after a few years. We liked that the case floats if dropped in the water.

Quick Specs

  • Waterproof up to 19 feet
  • Black case
  • Poly-urethane

Floats if dropped in lake or pool

Fits the iPad 1, iPad 2, new iPad, and Kindle Fire HD 8.9 Inch

Allows you to use iPad touchscreen

Seal holds up pretty well (but not forever)

Ideal for using iPad on boat or in hot tub/pool


Can’t use earphones with iPad in the case

Sometimes fogs up if moisture gets inside

Taking pictures through the case produces fuzzy pictures


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