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The Power of Perfumes and Fragrances to Stimulate Memory


In a flash a scent can take you to someone, someplace, or some specific moment in time. Is it magic? Not at all. Studies have proven that there is a strong connection between scent and memory.

The thought that a scent can exude that kind of power is truly amazing! Scents can trigger immediate emotional responses and affect a persons behavior. There are many ways to add fragrance to our lives, scented candles, aromatherapy, bath and body products, and perfumes.

Scents can provide an escape from our every day lives, making our homes feel more enjoyable and our showers and baths more relaxing. When it comes to personal fragrance, there are many different reasons why we use them. The most important being, that they make us feel happy. Perfumes can be used to build sexual desire, make us feel more attractive, confident, and to separate ourselves from others.

Fragrance allows our individuality to shine through with the impact of scent. Once a person attributes a specific scent to another it is forever imprinted in their mind. With a mere waft of perfume memories can connect you to someone, flooding their thoughts of you through fragrance alone. And that is the power of scent.

Lane Reid After graduating from the International School of Skin and Nails esthetics program in Atlanta, Lane Reid has diversified herself in the beauty industry over the last 12 years. She is originally from Canada and has been living in Atlanta… See more about Lane

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