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Knife Storage Tips


The last thing you want to do is keep all your sharp knives—chefs, santoku, filleting, paring, etc.—is throw them all together in a drawer. Not only does it look untidy and fail to protect the blades, but it’s like sticking your hand in a land mine to fish one out.

Some knives come with a protective sheath, including the kind with sharpening teeth that keep the edge sharp. But the most convenient solution is to look for a knife block. Blocks are now available for purchase separate from knife sets. They look nice on the counter and make it fast and easy to pull out whichever knife you need. Some have slots for over 20 knives and include space for scissors and steak knives.

When you place your knives in the block, be sure to slide them in with the edge facing up. This position prevents the edge from going dull.

Other options

  • Of course, if you can’t afford to give up the counter space, there are under-counter, in-drawer, and wall-mounted storage units that also help keep the knives organized.
  • If you have a really nice set of knives that you’re proud to show off, there are attractive knife magnets that either sit on the counter or hang on the wall.
  • For transporting knives, individual sheaths work great, as do knife rolls or cases. Professional cooks use these methods to take their knives with them wherever they go.

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