Sony BDP-S590 Blu-Ray Player Review

Blu-Ray Player  9/10


Sony BDP-S590 Blu Ray Player
Sony makes ultra high functioning electronic devices that are easy to use and are thoroughly tested before being released. The BDP-S590 Blu-Ray player is no exception to that rule. This model includes Wifi Internet Connectivity. This allows access to a wide array of online media though not a full web browser type scenario. You basically get what Sony has on the menu for the BDP-S590 player. This BluRay also allows USB playback as well as 3D playback capabilities for 2012. That’s a big upgrade over many previous models in this price range. Though not the least expensive of the BluRay players, this is one of our favorite players and well worth the money for the functionality, value and options available.

More Special Features:

  • Special Party Streaming Mode which allows music in multiple rooms
  • Quick start load times for faster start/stop operation
  • Sony’s Socialize function with Twitter and Facebook


  • HDMI Out 1
  • Composite Video Out 1
  • Digital Coax Out 1
  • Digital Optical Out 1
  • Analog Audio Out 1
  • Ethernet 1
  • USB Inputs 2


3D Playback

Value priced with great options

Wifi Internet Connectivity gives tons of options

Easy to use Functionality

New Remote Control App for iPhones or iPads and Android Phones

Fast Load and Play operation


No Google TV for now

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