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Should I buy a laptop for my child?


Does my child need a laptop for school?

Technology has change immensely in the past few years alone and now more than ever you see a 10 year old walking down the street with an iPhone in hand. Who are you calling? Are you texting your friends? What need could a young child possibly have for technology like that. Even yet, what about a laptop or a computer of their own. Does a middle-school or high-school student even need a laptop or desktop?

A computer is a very valuable thing. Along with the internet a person can access libraries full of endless information. With that availability of information comes also the risk of inappropriate content we don’t want our children to see. Which is why we believe so many parents are against getting their children a laptop or desktop for school. But this content can easily be blocked with the right tools.

Elementary School (Kindergarden – 5th Grade)

Your child is definitely too young for a computer. School assignments wont require them to use the internet for research and if it does, they can simply use yours. This age is a little young, even up to 5th grade, to have their own dedicated computer.

Middle School (6th – 8th grade)

Your child is older now and is learning more. Workload at school increases and more essays are due including research online and use of Word Processing. Even Power Points and Excel become used in middle school. Some schools provide computers which is fine, and at home if you have a computer your child can use it too.

Is it critical that your middle school student have his or her own laptop/desktop? No. They can simply share one at home with you. But we would say it’s useful to have a ‘family’ computer that everyone in the family can share, including your middle schooler. This allows you to monitor what they are doing and make sure they are on task.

Highschool (9th Grade – 12th grade)

Absolutely. Your student is a young adult and high-school involves heavy work on computers. A lot of high-schools don’t allow students to use laptops in school, but your child can still bring the laptop to a coffee shop or to a friends to do homework.

Your child can also use the laptop to communicate with teachers via email, contact other students and communicate with them about homework/deadlines/etc. A laptop is a must for a high-school student by at least 10th grade. It teaches both responsibility (of owning an expensive piece of electronics) and helps them get their schoolwork done.


Your child NEEDS a laptop for college. Don’t let them leave without one! Pretty much anything and everything revolves around the internet in college. Turning course-work in, online classes, contacting professor via email, signing up for classes/clubs online, viewing schedules, paying for school, and so on.

A laptop is VITAL to a college students success. Again, do not let your child leave for college without a laptop!

In review, a laptop is a great idea for a high-schooler and a necessity for college students. Any younger and your child can simply share a ‘family’ laptop. Laptops are powerful machines and no longer cost an outrageous amount. Be sure to check out our Top 10 Laptops for Students for ideas on which laptops would be best for your child.


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