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Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket Review

Smartphone  8.5/10


Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket Review: Black Android Smartphone for AT&T
The Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket runs on AT&T’s 4G LTE network, which unfortunately isn’t available in every city yet. However, if your hometown allows it, you’ll be more than satisfied with the Skyrocket smartphone, which sports a brilliant 4.5-inch display with sharp, vividly colored images. The 8 MP camera takes clear photos and HD video with 1080p resolution; you’ll also find a 2 MP camera on the front that allows you to chat with friends face-to-face. Of course, with such a large screen come some drawbacks: the phone’s bulkiness and its limited battery life. You’ll be forced to charge it every night since it operates like a mini computer. However, the $179.99 smartphone will also make many areas of your life much easier and more convenient.


Allows 7 hours of talking per charge; 10.4 days of standby time

Large display has vivid, sharp colors

Includes a front 2 MP camera for video chats

Intuitive menu navigation

Responsive screen follows several finger commands

Includes GPS and Bluetooth 3.0


AT&T’s 4G LTE network is not available everywhere yet

Has a plastic feel (which makes it lightweight)

Bulky design make it hard to fit in pockets


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