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Samsung Epic Touch Review

Smartphone  8.5/10


Samsung Epic Touch Review: 4G Smartphone for Sprint
The Samsung Epic Touch, like the Samsung Galaxy S II, is an ultra thin smartphone with incredible 4G capabilities. Its 4.52-inch display is stunningly large and bright, although we noticed that the text has a big of graininess to it. However, the AMOLED display is visible even in sunlight and features vivid colors and sharp contrast. The phone is very thin and light, but it also has a somewhat plastic feel that doesn’t seem very solid. The 8 MP camera takes sharp, clear photos and videos in 1080p, even capturing movement without much blurring. As it’s a 4G phone, you won’t be disappointed by the lightning-fast web surfing capabilities. The Epic Touch also boots up quickly and alerts you to new messages and calls on the locked screensaver. With all its special features, it’s amazing the phone is available for $99 with a 2-year contract.


Shoots 1080p HD video

Display is clear and vibrant even in sunlight and from multiple angles

Allows you to correct words with your voice as you type

Screensaver shows you any missed calls or messages and lets you access them directly

Fast 4G coverage

Ultra thin and light

Great quality camera captures even fast-moving subjects


Text isn’t as sharp on the large screen

Has a plastic feel

Lots of preloaded bloatware


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