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Samsung BD-E6500 Blu-Ray Player Review

Blu-Ray Player  9.5/10


Samsung BD-E6500 Blu Ray Player
The Samsung BD-E6500 is an ultra-slim, sleek 3D Blu-ray player that lets users register their DVD collection and access them on any personal device—be it a TV, PC, or smartphone. If you have a large DVD collection already, you’ll be happy to be able to store them in a digital format and view them in a pristine HD 1080p resolution anywhere you go. Searching for more video content is easy thanks to a full web browser; friends and family can also access your HD movie collection using your account information. With two HDMI inputs, you can keep the tangle of wires down to a minimum, running them from the Blu-Ray player to the TV, game console, or set-top box in a streamlined fashion. This smart Blu-Ray player will be introduced in 2012; the price is TBA.


Includes a full web browser

Disc to Digital Feature lets you copy your DVD collection to digital format and access it on multiple devices

Lets you purchase and share HD versions of your favorite movies

Smart Hub includes the Flixter app, which lets you access your UltraViolet collection

Fast boot-up time

Centralized disc slot and controls

Quiet and smooth running

Minimizes the number of wires running between TV, game console, set-top box, etc.

Sleek and slim two-tone appearance


Price is TBA

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