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Rancilio Silvia Review

Stainless Steel Espresso Maker  8.5/10


Rancilio SilviaA very popular model among customers, the Rancilio Silvia espresso machine has a gleaming stainless steel exterior and clean, attractive design. One of the best-quality espresso machines you’ll find at a relatively low price of $629, it produces light frothy milk and rich, delicious espresso coffee. It takes experimenting and practice to learn how to tamp it just right to get the least bitter taste, but its controls are highly user-friendly and easy to adjust. A solid feel and design guarantees a long life of quality performance.


Steam arm moves in multiple directions

Stainless steel housing gives it a tank-like durability

Effectively retains heat with a marine brass head and boiler

Easy to clean

Widely available and affordable replacement parts ensure long years of use

Portafilter has ergonomic design


Takes time to figure out best temperature and tamping practices


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