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Cuisinart Advantage C55-01-12PCKS

Knife Set  7.5/10


Cuisinart Advantage C55-01-12PCKSFor only $22.47, the Cuisinart Advantage C55-01-12PCKS is an affordable and good quality knife set that will surprise you with its razor sharpness. The knives come in an array of bright colors—not just for decoration, but as color coding to prevent cross contamination between chicken, fish, bread, etc. The knives come in sturdy packaging in such a way that you don’t have to worry about cutting yourself getting them out. And while the knives should be hand washed to preserve their non-stick colored coating, they are easy to keep clean. We were also impressed with the weight and balance of these knives, which have ergonomic handles and blade guards.


Bright colors designed to prevent cross contamination

Ergonomic handles are comfortable and easy to grip

Comes with matching blade guards

Slice easily thanks to the non-stick, colorful coating

Very sharp and able to be sharpened

Easy to clean because of non-stick coating


Requires hand washing to preserve non-stick coating

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