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Tech Armor SP-HD-APL-IP5-3 Review

3-Pack Anti-Glare Screen Protectors for the iPhone 5  7.5/10


Tech Armor SP-HD-APL-IP5-3This 3-pack of screen protectors offers scratch protection and cuts down on the glare on your iPhone 5. Only $6.95, the screens work as advertised: When applied properly, they protect the screen from nicks and scratches while still maintaining the sharp colors of the LCD screen. Applying the screen guards without leaving bubbles can be tricky; it’s important to thoroughly wipe the touchscreen down with a microfiber first to clean it of dirt and dust. While the screens are matte to cut down on glare, it’s really only noticeable when out in the sunlight; you’ll appreciate being able to read from the screen even on a bright day.


Won’t leave a sticky residue on iPhone screen


Protects screen from dust, scratches, and smudges

Lets you get the bubbles out

Good value and customer service


Doesn’t include a back screen protector

Slight matte finish because it’s anti-glare, may reduce colors slightly


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