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Best Mascara

Top 10 Rated Mascara Rating and Reviews 2024


I’ve compiled a list of my following Top 10 Mascaras that should appeal to everyone from the budget shopper to those wanting the highest quality mascara at any price. The criteria for my choices are as follows:

– A smooth application of the mascara
– Volume Building/Volume of Application
– Price/Value
– Time of Application
– Waterproof or not
– Hold once applied
– Ease of Application
– Not Flaking or Smudging once Applied

Several shades
Waterproof formula in black and brown
Easy to remove
Lengthens and seperates lashes
Best Selling Mascara

One of these tubes is sold every three minutes and is one of the best selling mascaras on the market. This award-winning formula goes on very evenly due to its unique brush applicator. The brush has specially grooved bristles…
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Originated in 1970
6 different shades of color
Very rich black color
Curved Brush
Waterproof formula
Great every day mascara at a great price

This familiar pink and green tube of mascara is a classic that comes with it’s own cult following. It has been in many a makeup bags since the ’70’s! The brush is easy to use, allowing…
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Vitamin B5 in formula helps hydrate lashes
Waterproof formula, wear at the gym!
Unique brush design that builds volume and length

This mascara isn’t just a pretty package, it delivers gorgeous lashes as well. The brush is a unique design that separates the lashes like no other while delivering just the right amount…
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Lengthens, defines, adds volume
Doesnt flake, smudge, or clump
Waterproof and several different forumlas

Here is a mascara that delivers a faux-fringe look like no other! This formula does it all, lengthens, defines, and adds volume. The application of this product is…
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Serious volume
Formula with condiitioners to help keep lashes healthy
Large brush
Best Selling

oluminous indeed! If you are looking for an inexpensive mascara that offers some serious volume for maximum lash building be sure to try this one…
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Blinc  8/10

No smudging, clumping, or flaking
Easy to remove, stays on lashes well
6 shades to chose from
Great for contact wearers or sensitive eyes

Here is the original tube technology mascara. Unlike conventional mascaras that are painted on, Blinc forms tiny water-resistant “tubes” around the lashes…
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Favorite among makeup artists
Waterproof forumlas available
Lengthens, curls, defines
Easy to remove
No Smudging or flaking

This popular mascara is a favorite of many makeup artists and has a very loyal following.The extra large brush allows for voluptuous lashes  that…
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For those with thin/short eyelashes
Two for one with base side
No clumping, flaking, or smudging
Several forumlas including waterproof

For those of us that were not blessed with either long or thick lashes, this mascara is a life saver! Not only is this mascara inexpensive but with the mascara…
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Rivals fake lashes
Only available in black, but a very rich black
Unique brush that gets even the tiniest lashes
Doesnt flake or smudge

I think the name says it all when it comes to this mascara. Put the false lashes back in their case! This formula lengthens and adds volume …
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Refills sell for $26
Mirrored case included
Does it all
One-stop shop for lengthening, defining, curling

After the initial investment the refills sell for $26.00. What exactly is this splurge of a mascara? Well for starters, it’s refillable. It also has…
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Lane Reid After graduating from the International School of Skin and Nails esthetics program in Atlanta, Lane Reid has diversified herself in the beauty industry over the last 12 years. She is originally from Canada and has been living in Atlanta… See more about Lane

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