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Arkon Review

Smartphone and iPhone Cases  8.0/10


Arkon Smartphone and iPhone CasesIf you’ve ever tried to use a smartphone’s GPS while driving, then you know it’s challenging, if not dangerous, to keep both hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road. Arkon provides car mounts for smartphones, tablets, and other devices, allowing you to drive safely. The mounts attach to the windshield, dashboard, or cupholder. Even motorcyclists and bicyclists can find cases that keep their smartphones protected but visible on the handlebar. Whether you need a sports armband, travel case, or desktop stand for your e-reader, Arkon has convenient, innovative products designed for several major companies.


Holds a smartphone in place on the dashboard or windshield as you drive

Smartphone docks charge the phone as it holds it in place

Products ideal for letting you use a smartphone’s GPS program

Accommodates most cases and skins

Mounts let you keep your hands on the wheel, improving safety

Includes accessories like armbands, bike/motorcycle mounts, and travel cases


Mounts and cases are more functional than stylish

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