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Whirlpool WOS51EC7AS

27” Electric Single Wall Oven  9/10


Whirlpool WOS51EC7AS Single Wall Oven
This single wall oven from Whirlpool is sure to satisfy the cooking and baking needs for an average household. The generous 4.3 cu. ft capacity is plenty for all sorts of dinners. Casseroles, roasts, and mulitple dishes won’t have trouble fitting here. Convection cooking is one of the key missing features here, but that also helps bring the price down to a more reasonable level. It’s not a major loss for those who are fine with a traditional oven. The self-cleaning feature is always a plus; additionally, with a hidden heating element, food won’t get trapped in hard-to-reach recesses. The extra large window on the front is an excellent addition as it adds to the attractiveness of the unit as well as making it easy to check on what’s inside. This wall oven isn’t necessarily cheap at around $1,200, but its fine quality and sleek design make it a more than great value.


Convection fan is close to the back wall, leaving more space for dishes

Hidden heating element makes oven easier to clean

The Precise Clean keeps track of when the last self-clean cycle was run

Steam cleaning feature removes baked on spills with out chemicals and only water

Even baking and consistent temperature

6 rack positions


No convection cooking

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