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Whirlpool GBD279PV

27” Electric Double Wall Oven  9/10


Whirlpool GBD279PV
This electric double wall oven from Whirlpool features a sophisticated, modern style with a clean exterior. The two ovens are wide and have smooth finishes inside, making them easy to wipe clean. Being able to customize your broil temperature is a handy feature; you can select the broil temperature in increments of 5 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, the automatic convection conversion feature takes all the baking guesswork out of the picture—you can simply program the usual cooking time and the oven converts it to the appropriate convection time. Food comes out crisp and browned, with all the flavors sealed in. For a double wall oven, $1,809.65 is a reasonable price.


With hidden bake element, interior is smooth and easy to clean

Automatic convection conversion takes out the guesswork

Custom broil temperatures between 175 and 500 degrees F

Sleek, attractive look

Controls are easy to program


Not deep enough for some large pizza pans


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