Volkl Organix 10 (295G)

Tennis Racquet  9/10


Volkl PB 10 Review: Power Bridge 10 Mid Tennis Racquet
For the advanced player at level 4.5 or higher, this Volkl Organix 10 tennis racquet provides excellent control and a smooth response. At 10.4 ounces, the racquet isn’t so heavy that it’s difficult to maneuver, but it has enough heft to drive volleys hard over the net. Its construction of carbon nano tubes and cellulose allows it to hold up well with stability and consistent performance. You’ll appreciate how it puts a spin on shots and lets you feel the power behind them. We liked that it includes a visual aid on the sweet spot, too. As with many racquets designed for advanced players, you’ll find yourself improving your technique and game with this Volkl racquet, priced at $109.99.


Bio-Sensor technology in the handle dampens vibrations effectively

Visual aid on the sweet spot helps players hit it more frequently

Great stability so even off-center hits have great power

Offers a superb blend of power and control

Excellent construction for durability and maneuverability


Be aware that it comes unstrung, as are most players’ racquets

Small head size and heavy weight not intended for beginners



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