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Thinksound ts02 + Mic

Noise Isolating Earbuds  8.5/10


Thinksound ts02 + Mic Earbuds
Many of our consumer products are becoming more and more eco friendly. Don’t let your earbuds be the exception. These earbuds have a rear wooden housing that not only reduces plastic waste but it helps to deliver a more natural and fuller sound in the lower ranges. The front housing is aluminum and completes the full range delivering accurate high frequency sound reproduction. These stylish and high quality earbuds sells for $89.99 – $109.99.

Quick Specs

  • Eco friendly earbud option
  • Compatible with many smartphones
  • Cotton pouch with 4 ear fittings
  • 20 Hz – 20 kHz frequency response
  • 99 +/-3 dB, 16 ohms
  • 8mm driver unit

These earbuds are a totally eco friendly option. Everything from the packaging to the carrying pouch

The mic is compatible with my different makes and models of smartphones

A full range of sound comes through sounding loud and clear

Passive noise isolation does a good job of keeping environmental sound out and music in


No inline controls for volume

Comfort is not quite up to par for above $50 earbuds. They can get quite uncomfortable after extended use

The build quality seems a little less than sturdy


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