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Summer Infant 02620

Day & Night Baby Video Monitor with 5-Inch Screen  8.5/10


Summer Infant 02620
Parents will appreciate being able to see their child sleeping with this Summer Infant baby video monitor. The five-inch screen provides a clear black and white live image, even in the dark thanks to its night vision. The video screen can be turned off if you’re turning in for the night, and the parent unit still provides audio from the nursery—or, if you prefer, you can watch the sound level with the LED sound lights. This video monitor works best if you’re content setting the TV in one spot, since it’s too bulky to carry around. The set is available for $84.54.


Large screen gives clear B&W view of baby

Includes night vision

LED sound lights

Minimal interference

Video on/off option


Not practical for carrying around the house

Some users complain of picking up other houses’ monitors




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