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Sony MDR-NC500D

Noise Cancelling Headphones  8.5/10


Sony MDR-NC500D Noise Cancelling Headphones
Sony has incorporated digital noice reduction into their NC500 headphones. What is digital noise reduction? It is a feature that automatically selects outside noises and gets rid of them while you enjoy your music and never notice. Pretty cool. There is also a monitor switch that is used for hearing without taking off the headphones, which can be a useful feature. The headphones are fairly light at 6.9 ounces and are very comfortable for long periods of use. Sound quality is good but there are other options on the list at sometimes half the price that out perform these. If you want some cool features in your headphones and price is not an option, this would be your best bet. The NC500â€ēs usually go for $399.99.

Quick Specs

  • Lithum-ion/AA battery operated
  • 28 hours of combined battery life
  • Up to 99% ambient noise reduction
  • 5Hz – 24,000Hz frequency response rate
  • 40 ohms, 102 dB

Rechargeable battery operation means no AAAs to deal with

Achieve the best noise cancelling possible with 3 different modes

These headphones compete with the best when it comes to noise cancelling performance

Monitor switch allows user to hear surrounding sounds when necessary


Battery may need charging often with a life of 16 hours depending on use

The build quality is not up to par compared to other models in the price range



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