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Scotsman NU130GA-1A Review

Under Counter Ice Maker  8.5/10


Scotsman NU130GA-1AIf you’re a fan of restaurant-style nugget ice, which keeps soft drinks refreshingly cold, then you’ll appreciate the Scotsman nugget ice maker with 125 pounds of daily ice production. The machine, running at $2,499, is quite efficient, too, using about 40 percent less energy and 50 percent less water than similar models. The ice maker has a reversible door with a polished horizontal handle across the top. The inside contains simple controls that make regulating the temperature easy. The machine has to be installed over a gravity drain, but otherwise it’s easy to install this model either under a counter or as a freestanding unit.


Creates nugget ice ideal for soft drinks

Uses 40 percent less energy and 50 percent less water than most ice makers

Stores 22 pounds of ice

Reversible door

Can be built-in or freestanding with front ventilation system


Must be installed over a gravity drain or with a pump


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