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Scientific Explorer A221 Review

Toys for Ages 5-7  9/10


Scientific Explorer A221 Review: Mind Blowing Science Kit for Young Scientists
You don’t need to be a chemistry major to enjoy this Mind Blowing Science Kit with your young children. The experiments are interesting, fun, and engaging and will prompt scientific curiosity in young minds. The kit comes with a wide assortment of tools like pipettes and mixing tubes; other items you need are common in most kitchens. Even if you aren’t familiar with complex science, the book offers helpful guides for both adults and kids. Projects include making a volcano, growing crystals, and learning about acids and bases. Be sure to monitor your little scientist at all times. The kit costs $15.90.


Includes exciting experiments children can perform in their own kitchens

Won awards for its educational value

Appeals to kids of many ages

Includes scientific explanations for phenomena such as volcanoes

Sparks scientific curiosity and discussion between parents and kids

Requires some products common in households

Book includes script for parents and questions for children


Requires adult supervision at all times

Some experiments have a long wait time for results to occur




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