Samsung SMH1611W Review

Over the Range Microwave  8.5/10


Samsung SMH1611WDefrosting frozen food can be tricky business; sometimes microwaves leave parts certain soggy and other parts frustratingly rock solid. The Samsung over-the-range microwave takes out the uncertainty of defrosting, thawing food quickly and evenly. A wide interior holds a variety of plate sizes. One unique feature that won’t fail to impress today’s green audiences is the eco mode, which cuts back energy use by 80 percent with the touch of a button. As far as appearances go, this model has a clean, simple look with an uncomplicated control panel. The door swings open easily and closes with a solid click. With satisfactory performance and options for the environmentally conscious, this Samsung model is a smart purchase at just $165.


Add 30 seconds option

Rapid defrost

4 instant cook pads

Powerful ventilation removes odors and vapors quietly

Wide, capacious interior

Eco mode saves up to 80% of energy


Noisy operation


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