Roxio Video Lab HD

Video Editing Software  7/10


Roxio Video Lab HD
Roxio Video Lab HD has a great mix of available and missing features, making it a very unique product in a sea of consumer video editors. This is one of the cheapest video editing programs that supports 3D video. Which is pretty impressive. Because it is on the cheaper side, you are going to be missing a lot too. The green screen, image stabilization, advanced DVD menu templates, and a strong media manager are not present in this software at all. If you are not looking for features like these, Roxio Video Lab HD does just about everything else very well and easily. It is available for $15.99-$49.99 online.

Quick Specs

  • Operating System:Windows 7, Vista, and XP
  • DVD, Blu-ray, and 3D support
  • 32 multi-media editing tracks

Able to capture streaming videos from the web

2D to 3D conversion

Cinemagic automatically creates movies from your photos and videos

Automatic scene detection makes dropping clips of videos in your time line easy

Able to create custom DVD labels


Some functions change depending on what windows of the program are open, which can be confusing

115 video effects aren’t customizable

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