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Travel Websites  8.5/10 Travel Website review and logo
Most travel sites provide information on hotels, restaurants, and attractions in far-flung reaches of the world, but neglect the U.S. includes great details and photos for attractions across America both well-known and obscure. Enter in your particular hobbies and interests—scuba diving, doll collecting, museums—and see what pops up. Or search by city and region and view the photo collections. If you’re looking for hotels, PlanetWare links to other travel agent sites so you can compare rates and book rooms. Whether you’re traveling overseas or rediscovering your homeland, PlanetWare can help you find your passions


Lets you search for attractions based on your interests and hobbies

Provides a lot of information on small-town U.S. attractions as well as foreign ones

Breaks down countries into cities and regions

Links to other travel sites for hotel rates and booking

Includes photo collections from each major city


Website is easy to navigate but a bit plain in design