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Photo Explosion Deluxe 4.0

Photo Editing Software  7/10


Photo Explosion Deluxe 4.0
Photo Explosion Deluxe 4.0 will grant you never ending possibilities when it comes to photo projects. This program will push your creative side to the limits with the ability to create photo calendars, CD labels, greeting cards, scrapbooks, and more. Photo Explosion Deluxe 4.0 is also a great for light editing, not heavy edits that require a lot of computer resources. There is a helpful Quick Fix button that takes care of simple edits automatically with a batch processing option. All in all, Photo Explosion Deluxe 4.0 is aimed at those looking to share their photos in uniqe ways with friends and family. It is available for $37.94.

Quick Specs

  • Operating system: Windows 7, Vista, and XP
  • Skill level: beginner

Create photo montages from photos in your library

More than 2,000 frames, props and scrapbook Embellishments

Over 4,000 photo projects to create unique photo gifts

Ability to share photos online with a free iPhone app.


No ranking, sorting, or searching capabilities in the organizer

Can be hard to navigate through menus

Brian Jones has had a passion for photography and anything related for the majority of his life. One photography class in high school was all it took to get hooked on everything to do with the subject. He became more focused on learning about camera equipment as he experiemented with everything available… See more about Brian