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Philips Avent SCD560/10

DECT Baby Monitor with Temperature Sensor  9/10


Philips Avent SCD560
A sleek baby monitor from Philips, this Avent device lets you hear the slightest cooing and breathing from your infant with the highest sensitivity setting. If you prefer, you can turn down the volume and still detect noises from the nursery thanks to the LED light indicator. With DECT technology, the sound is crystal clear and highly sensitive; you won’t have to worry about interference from cell phones or other wireless devices, and your baby monitor’s channel will be private and secure. The monitor also functions as a nightlight and plays calming lullabies. As a special bonus, parents can speak to their babies through an intercom, letting them offer soothing words to help the child fall back asleep. The baby monitor is available for $60.00.


No risk of interference thanks to DECT technology

Has a wide range of 330 meters

Temperature sensor lets you monitor temp for baby’s comfort and safety

Nightlight and lullaby features are remote controlled

Indicator shows you when batteries are running low

Sound-activated lights let you know when baby’s stirring even if parent unit is muted

Has 4 sensitivity settings—hear the slightest noise or only loud crying


Bright lights on parent unit can disturb sleep

Monitor volume is low





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