Peg Perego Primo Viaggio

Convertible Baby Car Seat  8.5/10


Peg Perego Primo Viaggio
The Italian-made Peg Perego Primo Viaggio SIP 5-70 Convertible has the dual role of being either rear-facing or forward facing, depending on the age of the child. The seat is designed for children weighing between five and 70 pounds, or up to 49 inches tall. It is installed facing backwards when the baby weighs between five and 45 pounds, and can be turned around to face forward when the child grows into a toddler weighing 22 to 70 pounds. It comes with foam in the shell and the head panels for maximum side impact protection. The padded seat includes a removable cushion for newborns and a quick-release five-point safety harness with shoulder pads and a chest clip.

The manufacturer made sure to adhere to federal safety regulations by making the Primo Viaggio so that it fastens to the back seat by using the vehicle’s lap seat belts or shoulder belts, or by using the car seat’s latch connector and top tether straps. Compared to other car seats like the Graco SnugFit, this one is considerably heavier at 21 pounds. As far as getting your hands on one, be patient. The manufacturer anticipates the seats to eventually become available in select retail outlets across the U.S., and they are expected to ship as early as February. The online price is listed in the $275-$380 range.

Quick Specs

  • Weight 21 pounds
  • 26 by 21.17 by 18.66 inches

The wide range of weight it can accommodate, from babies as light as five pounds to kids as heavy as 70 pounds, increases its usefulness and longevity.

The seat complies with federal regulations FMVSS–213 and CMVSS–213, which pertain to motor vehicle safety standards.

Compared to other rear-facing car seats with a lower maximum weight capacity, this holds a child up to 45 pounds.


Presently there is no record of the familiar safety endorsements from the CPSC or the JPMA to reassure consumers.

At 21 pounds, this is a heavy car seat to drag in and out of the car.

Since they are not in stores yet, there’s no way to inspect the merchandise when shopping for a car seat.



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