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Nikon 105mm FX Micro

DSLR Lens for Macro Photography  8/10


Nikon 105mm Micro FX DSLR Lens for Macro Photography
This is a very unique prime Nikon lens. Why it’s unique: It’s made for macro photography, a maximum aperture of f/2.8 for low light, and a focal length of 105mm for some real up close shooting. This lens is made to capture amazing shots of flowers and tiny wild life by making them larger than life with incredible detail. The minimum focus distance is 1 foot, which is pretty close. 105Mm at 1 foot away will yield some pretty cool close ups. For all this, you will really have to be serious about your photography. The lens costs anywhere from $899.99-$984.95.

Quick Specs

  • Made for FX and 35mm film formats
  • Nano Crystal Coat and Extra-low Dispersion glass elements enhance image quality
  • 62mm filter threads
  • 27.9 ounces

This lens is ideal for true macro photography

It can be useful in most situations is the long focal length isn’t an issue

Auto focusing is very fast and quiet

Image quality is very good and sharp


The lack of zooming may make this hard to use for photographers that don’t have the space to move around

This is an expensive lens, make sure it will suit your needs before purchasing



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