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Mizuno JPX-EZ Review (also JPX-EZ Forged)

Golf Irons  9.8/10




Mizuno JPX-EZ Irons
Feel, distance and control are all present in this new club from Mizuno. The irons are on the heavy side and the weight distribution is low toward the sole which gets the ball up quickly. My average distance with a 7 iron in the air is around 160-165. I launched this Mizuno over 170 several times and 178 once. I was also very impressed with the accuracy. Add address it doesnt look or feel that great, but once you put the club face on the ball you can feel the strengths of the design. The irons are made of forged Boron which is 30% stronger. The wide soul design helps to lower the sweet spot on the club. It really is different. It’s not just a claim. I hit this club longer than the incredibly long Wilson C200.

I was not as impressed with the JPX-EZ, the back flange is visible upon address. It kind of sticks out too much. The thing I like best is the price at $499 what a deal for a great club. The JPX-EZ is more forgiving, but I also had a harder time keeping it straight than the forged variety. Still $499 for a Mizuno set is a buy.



Boron makes ball feel soft at impact

Lower center of gravity creates immediate loft


Great Distance


Appearance at address slightly awkward


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