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Magnetic MightyMind

Toys for Ages 5-7  8.5/10


Magnetic MightyMind
You’ll be amazed at how intently kids work at these Magnetic Mighty Mind puzzles. Each card has a tangram-like design that you have to fill with different shaped tiles—squares, circles, rhombuses, triangles, etc. It takes kids a while to figure out some of the trickier puzzles, but they don’t seem to mind. Even children as young as 3 get into the process and work their way through the cards. Some of the highest level cards are tricky even for older kids and parents. This puzzle set has magnet pieces, allowing kids to solve the puzzles on the go without fear of losing pieces. Not only do these puzzles encourage children to work quietly and independently, but they help them develop spatial and visual relationship skills. A big hit in classrooms and homes alike, Mighty Mind is available for $21.72.


Teaches kids spatial and visual relationships

Keeps children occupied for long periods of time

Magnetic set ideal for long car rides

Durable, colorful pieces held in a storage pouch

Challenges kids to work out puzzles and boosts their confidence

Great for independent play


Small pieces a choking hazard for kids under 3

Classic wooden sets are also available and may be preferable to plastic

Magnets may need some Super Glue to stay on long-term




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