Miele W4802 Review

Washing Machine  8.5/10


Miele W4802 ReviewWorking very quietly, this Miele front load washing machine has a generous tub capacity and simplified controls that take all the guesswork out for you. The assorted wash cycles automatically adjust the appropriate water level, temperature, and soak and spin speeds for whatever type of load you put in. The design is simple and attractive: A clear round window sits in front while the control panel angles up toward you for easy access. For $1,749, this Miele model cleans clothes efficiently and quietly.


Large stainless steel drum with honeycomb design

Simplified controls automatically set the correct water level, temperature, spin speed, and cycle time

High internal temperatures sanitize clothes and eliminate the need for bleach

Fault indicators alert you of problems with the intake or drain lines

Angled control panel at top edge is easy to see and access without leaning over

Can receive technological updates through a PC hookup


Not Energy Star rated

No dispensers for bleach or fabric softener

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