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Melissa & Doug 513

Wooden Sandwich-Making Toy Set  8.5/10


Melissa & Doug 513
A company known for its fine craftsmanship when it comes to classic wooden toys, Melissa & Doug made a hit with the wooden sandwich-making set, available for $16.51. The 16 wooden pieces, colorfully painted to look like bread, tomatoes, cheese, and meat, stack together in various ways with Velcro inserts. Kids will get a kick out of “cutting” their sandwiches with the wooden play knife and hearing a crinkling noise from the Velcro. These pieces are essentially stacking blocks but with a fun, creative twist—children always love playing with pretend food, and these pieces foster motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and learning colors, shapes, and counting.


Wooden sandwich pieces make a crinkling sound when “sliced” with the wooden toy knife

Sandwich pieces hold together with Velcro

Superior craftsmanship and bright colors

Helps develop kids’ motor skills, creative play, and organization skills

Easy to clean and durable

Children love preparing pretend food


Keep an eye out for flaking paint



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