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Melissa & Doug 2782

Deluxe 10-Piece Alphabet Stacking and Nesting Blocks  8.5/10


Melissa & Doug 2782
A classic toy comes back to life with Melissa & Doug’s deluxe 10-piece alphabet blocks. Toddlers will delight in stacking the blocks into a tower as tall as they are—and then knocking it over. Each block side features a colorful illustration with a letter of the alphabet. As toddlers get older, they’ll start to learn the ABC’s and words that begin with each letter. But even when they’re as young as two, they’ll love nesting and stacking and develop their motor skills and coordination. The blocks are constructed of heavy-grade cardboard, which is surprisingly durable and lightweight. The set is available for $10.07.


Vibrantly colored blocks have clever illustrations on each side

Made of a lightweight yet sturdy heavy-grade cardboard

Surfaces wipe clean easily

Help kids learn the alphabet, animals, and colors

Improves motor skills, stacking, and creative play

Nest together for easy storage


Cardboard may not be as long-lasting as wood with rough play

Not for young children who are teething



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