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Mattel G6850 Review

Mad Gab   8.5/10

Mad Gab
An entertaining game for adults, Mad Gab is suitable for kids at least 10 years old. Warning: Playing the game can prompt uproarious laughter and silliness. Each card features a word puzzle, a string of seeming nonsensical words that you must repeat over and over to work out what object, person, or saying it sounds like. Children may find the game challenging, but there are 2 levels of difficulty, so they can start out with the easy level until they get the hang of it. The brainteasers force players to listen carefully and trust what their ears, not their eyes, are telling them. Mad Gab costs $22.09.


Challenges kids to listen carefully and talk out word puzzles

Cards have 2 levels of difficulty

Funny brainteasers prompt laughter and excitement for older kids and adults

As much fun for adults as for children

Entertaining game for either competitive or casual playing


Kids may not be as familiar with some of the expressions