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Levana Astra 32006

Digital Baby Video Monitor with Talk to Baby Intercom  8.5/10


Levana Astra 32006
You’ll feel relieved to be able to hear and see your baby sleep with this Levana Astra digital baby video monitor. The camera monitors your child while you go about your business in the home. The picture quality is very good, even at night thanks to the night vision. You can even pan, tilt, and zoom the camera remotely to see what’s going on in your baby’s room. With a PEEP mode, the video turns off to save battery power, and you’re alerted if the baby starts making noise. The parent unit is compact and lightweight enough to carry around the house, and it offers a 750-foot range. The reception is reasonably clear with minimal static. Perks include 3 lullabies for the infant. For a video monitor, $129.98 is a little steep, but still reasonable given the features.


Offers 48 hours in power-saving Peep mode; with screen on full-time it’s 10 hours

Camera can tilt, zoom in, and pan by remote control

Automatic night vision enables you to see up to 12 feet thanks to invisible LED lights that won’t disturb baby’s sleep

Secure digital signal has a reach of 750 feet

Monitor can connect to up to 4 cameras (each sold separately) so you can monitor multiple rooms

Plays 3 soothing lullabies to help baby fall asleep



Can’t adjust lullaby volume




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