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Kindle D01400 Review

Kindle Fire  8.5/10

Kindle Fire
The Kindle Fire isn’t designed specifically with kids in mind, but today’s tech-savvy children will figure out how to navigate this e-reader within minutes of pulling it out of the box. The vibrant 7-inch display is ideal for children’s picture books so you and your kids can read together and enjoy the illustrations. There are virtually hundreds of educational apps available for download that will make practicing math, spelling, reading, and puzzle-solving fun and addictive to kids. The main thing you have to decide is whether you want to buy this $199 device for a child or for yourself. It’s probably better to monitor how your child uses it; with access to the Internet, videos, games, and much more, your kid may wander to features that have more of an entertainment than educational value.


Allows access to 100s of educational apps that help kids with math, reading, puzzles, etc.

Bright, vivid display excellent for children’s picture books

Great value for the price

Download time for books, games, and apps takes less than a minute

Responsive and intuitive touchscreen interface is especially easy and fun for kids


So many snazzy features and videos may distract kids from the educational tools

An expensive, all-purpose toy you may covet for yourself