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iAgora.com Review

Travel Websites  8/10

iAgora.com Travel Website Review and Logo
If you’re a student or recent graduate feeling the stirrings of wanderlust, iAgora.com could provide you with a unique experience abroad. Developed in 1998 by some travelers in Europe, the website helps users find schools, housing, and jobs all over Europe. Whether you want time to see the world and learn a new language or you’re ready to find your dream job in an exotic locale, you can read helpful reviews from other travelers. They describe the activities, nightlife, and general atmosphere of particular locations and provide invaluable tips.


Helps users learn a language of choice

Students and recent graduates can find work anywhere in Europe

Offers services for free and extra help for a price

Provides users with unique travel experiences and global job opportunities

Destinations have in-depth reviews from other travelers and students

With premiere membership, you can submit your resume for positions abroad


Busy website layout

Limited to Europet

Some services are available only with a paid membership