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Gamewright 318 Review

Rory’s Story Cubes   8.5/10

Rory's Story Cubes
The charm and excitement of Rory’s Story Cubes lie in its simplicity. Players roll the 9 dice and come up with a story based on the pictures showing. Your family can create your own rules and limits to make the game more challenging, but even young kids will grasp the basic concept of the game. Perfect for parties, family nights, and any situation where kids could get antsy or bored, the pocket-sized game sparks creativity, imagination, and artistic expression. Children will learn to speak and listen well, and they’ll quickly master the art of storytelling by piecing together a string of random images into a coherent story. The game is available for $7.18.


Pocket-sized game breaks the ice at kids’ parties and events

Challenges the mind to come up with creative solutions

Encourages imagination, creativity, literacy skills, and artistic expression

Playing time takes about 15 minutes

Anyone can become an expert storyteller, and there are no wrong answers

Builds self-confidence

Fun interaction for the whole family


Dice can get lost