Chanel no 5

Fragrance  9/10


Channel No 5 FragranceFirst launched in 1921, this fragrance is rich with history. Chanel no 5 is the best selling perfume in the world. According to legend, the perfumer Ernst Beaux presented Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel with a selection of numbered fragrances to choose from. She chose number 5, hence the name. Many celebrities have worn this fragrance over the years, including Marilyn Monroe. When asked in an interview what she wore to bed, Marilyn responded “five drops of Chanel no 5.” That’s the best unsolicited endorsement I’ve ever heard of! What a story! It’s a versatile fragrance that can be worn anytime, anyplace. Warm and rich, it’s a striking yet feminine fragrance. It’s also a recent winner of the Allure Magazine’s Reader’s Choice Award for Best Classic Fragrance. How would I describe Chanel no 5 in a single word? Timeless…. On the pricey side; the Eau de Parfum can be purchased from $85.00-$285.00, the Eau de Toilette $50.00-$90.00.

It is classified as a floral and it’s notes are:
Top: ylang ylang, neroli, aldehydes
Middle: jasmine, mayrose
Base: sandalwood, vetiver


Best Selling Perfume in the world


This fragrance has been around a long time so it may come across as dated as many older women wear it.

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