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Canon EF 50mm Macro

f/2.5 DSLR Camera Lens  8.5/10


Canon EF 50mm Macro f/2.5 DSLR Camera Lens
Here is a macro lens that has the potential to be your best friend. It is a little different from the other two on the list. You will have to work a little closer to your subjects because of the 50mm focal length. That’s not a bad thing depending on your style. If you work with a lot of flowers and still life, you might want to be a little closer for those interesting angles. This one is also a very good candidate for a general-purpose lens, which is important to consider when picking out a new lens. This lens sells for $279.99-$299.99.

Quick Specs

  • Works with EF and EF-S mounts
  • 0.5x life size focusing
  • 0.8ft closest focus distance
  • 52mm filter thread
  • 9.9 ounces

Macro photography is a great way to budding photographers to broaden their range of experience

Common filter threads, 52mm, will make it compatible with many different filters

Surprisingly affordable for a macro lens


The lack of a zoom may be a deal breaker for some as it imposes certain limitations in the field

The focal length is considered a little short for true macro work, meaning the lens may get in the way as you get closer and closer to a subject


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