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More Tennis Racquets

Prince EXO3  9.5/10

100 square inch head size
11.4 oz.
23/22/22 mm beam width
Graphite construction
Suited for players at level 3.5 and up

A high-end racquet, the Prince EXO3 Black 100 Tour Series blends power with control on even those off-center shots…
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Concave frame geometry
28” x 11” x 2”
8 oz.

A beginner’s racquet with lightweight yet powerful construction, the Wilson Triumph is small enough to not overwhelm new tennis players…
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Head Tis5  8/10

107 square inches head size
27.5” long
27 mm straight beam
8.74 oz.
Titanium and graphite construction
16 x 19 string pattern

Beginners and intermediate players will appreciate the Head Tis5 racquet, which provides a comfortable grip…
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