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Zojirushi BB-CEC20 Review

Countertop Bread Maker  8/10


Zojirushi BB-CEC20A versatile, top-quality appliance, this Zojirushi breadmaker makes not only 2-pound loaves of bread but also meatloaf, homemade jam, and chocolate cake. Its wide viewing window lets you watch the two kneading paddles do their work, producing high rises. We liked the keep warm feature, which gives you up to 30 minutes to remove the bread after it’s finished baking. The control panel is quite intuitive and user-friendly, and the LCD display helps you keep track of the baking process. For $225, this breadmaker offers consistently good results and a wide array of features.


Versatile appliance also makes meatloaf, jam, and cake

Includes 10 baking programs and a user-friendly LCD display

Delay start by 13 hours

Large viewing window

Minimal vibrations

2 kneading paddles for more thorough mixing and higher rises

Keeps loaf warm for 30 minutes after it’s finished

Comes with a measuring cup, measuring spoon, recipe book, and removable bread pan


Loaves sometimes come out lopsided

Cook times are not wholly adjustable


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