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The Best Special Features in a Breadmaker


The Best Special Features in a Breadmaker

The more features a breadmaker has, the more the price goes up. Be sure to review all the features a model offers and decide which you consider necessities and which are fancy bells and whistles. Some features that we consider pretty convenient and worth the extra cost:

A delay start timer: Say you want to have some fresh bread ready for when you wake up in the morning. Just set the timer up to 12 or 13 hours and the machine starts at the appropriate time.

Dual paddles: Many breadmakers get by with just one kneading paddle, but some come equipped with two, which generally mix the dough more thoroughly and create a higher rise.

Beep alerts for adding ingredients: If you’re making a fruit bread, it’s convenient to know when it’s the best time to add raisins, nuts, or other ingredients during the second kneading cycle. Some models let you open the lid to add these ingredients; others include an automatic dispenser that does the task for you.

Preheat cycle: A breadmaker with a preheat cycle gets all the ingredients to room temperature for you.

Dough cycle: Sometimes a recipe calls for taking out the dough after proofing and shaping it by hand. A dough cycle is useful when you’re making rolls, pizza dough, or other breads with special shapes.

Yeast dispenser: If you plan to delay the start time of your breadmaker, then a yeast dispenser is an important feature to have because it keeps the yeast fresh and dry and adds it at just the right time.

Cool down feature: If you can’t get the loaf out of the breadmaker right away, then the cool down period prevents the loaf from getting soggy by sucking out excess moisture in the machine.

Keep warm feature: Some breadmakers keep the loaf warm for 30 to 60 minutes after it’s finished baking.

Crust shade: Look for models that let you choose the crust shade: light, medium, or dark.

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