Taylor Made R11S Review

Golf Driver  8.6/10


Taylor Made R11S ReviewTaylor has just dominated woods and drivers since the 80’s when their non-metal woods became popular. Many tour pros use their driving and fairway metals. This new driver has two adjustments, one for face angle and the other for flight path. The face angle adjustment on the bottom of the club just needs a slight turn with a screwdriver to create a more open or closed face angle. There is a little diagram on the back of the club to help with the selection. The club comes set to the neutral position. Obviously this feature gives the player some flexibility when they are out there on the course slicing every shot (the option of closing the face angle some). In the end, the feature is really just there for slight tweaks for lower handicap players and this is probably the only players it will really help since closing or opening the club face can be done easily via the grip. It may help mid-handicappers some. The shaft is Taylor Made branded but made custom by Fujikura. Taylor Made dubs the shaft the Blur – alluding to it’s assistance in swing speed.


Large fast aerodynamic head

Maximum-sized 460cc titanium head with Thick-Thin Crown design for lower CG

Great feel on the set up gives confidence

Capable of very high swing speeds

Adjustable flight path and face angle (Adjustable Sole Plate has 5 options)


Not a fan of the White head color (distracting with black face)

Club head and shaft feel almost too light



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TaylorMade R11S Driver